Daycare and Kindergarten Centre Maintenance 

Regular Exterior Cleaning Service either Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually. PCM provides exterior playground cleaning in all areas of Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle. 

Example of a Fortnightly Centre Service Scope of Works  

  • Blow vac all hard surfaces removing leaves, sticks, sand from paths and walkways
  • Mowing and edging lawns
  • Trimming hedges and removing weeds
  • Wiping down cobwebs from windows and shelters
  • WWC certified 

Prices from $60.00 per visit depending on site size and scope 

Petroleum Grounds & Garden Maintenance

With over 25 years experience working on fuel sites providing grounds and garden maintenance we know what to do. With all PCM team members WPCG and ACAPMA trained and accredited coupled with experience and a drive for quality. We operate under the most stringent of safety guidelines and will not substitute profit over safety.

Range of services which include line marking, barking, Scoria rock application in gardens, mowing and gardening, tree lopping and trimming. We are specialists in preparing sites for Audits and inspections 

Regular Grounds Services start from $80.00 per visit 

Schools & Playing fields 

PCM provides grounds and gardens to a number of High Schools throughout Sydney and Newcastle. We have a flexible scope and frequency or we can schedule cuts in each month. We are all WWC certified and work to the schools needs and budget.

Services include 

  • Maintaining all lawn areas, edging and blowing of pathways
  • School soccer or rugby oval regular maintenance
  • Oval aeration, fertilising and top soiling
  • Tree mulch distribution around the school gardens 

Shopping Centres and Industrial Parks 

PCM provides routine grounds and garden maintenance for shopping centres and industrial parks. We have safety & traffic management procedures in which we operate from to ensure both patrons and PCM operators are safe.

We provide car park garden trimming of overhanging trees from car spaces

  • Lawns and garden hedging
  • Litter and car park blow vac
  • spraying of weeds
  • Monthly reporting to Strata FM of all repairs required and service reports 

Service intervals range from weekly to monthly 

Body Corporate & Strata FM 

PCM maintains a number of large estates providing a range of scheduled services

Grounds and gardens 

  • Car park and common area blow vac, weed and trimming

  • Letterbox cleanup, bin room cleans
  • Taking bins in and out (large estates with common bin areas)
  • Tree pruning, removal, line marking, cobweb cleaning and pressure cleaning